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Sunday, December 23, 2007's Christmas break and I'm up at 6:00 in the morning. Am I insane!!?? Anyway, I was just checking out some scholarships on fastweb, and I found two. The deadlines aren't until sometime in April, but I'm thinkin that I'll go ahead and write the essays now just to get them over with. Yep...I just hope I actually get around to writing them. And it's not like I'm a super busy workaholic. No I'm the girl who doesn't have a job and sits on her butt eating, watching TV, and reading. But, still the hard part is actually getting off my lazy butt. And the craziest part is that I don't even have to get off of my butt to write an essay! I'll write them...I will. There. Anyway, I watched Christmas Vacation last night. I love that movie! I pledge allegiance to the flag...Amen! Ha! Oh, and the traditional Christmas Story Marathon is Monday! Yippeee! Who actually watches the whole marathon, though? I want to know someone who sits all day on Christmas Eve, watching nothing but A Christmas Story. I'll give them a cookie. Mmmm, cookies...anyway, I've been watching alot of TV. I tuned into that 100 Best Songs of the 90's thingy on VH1. It was cool and pretty nostalgic. Seen some of my fave songs. Jeremy...Under the Bridge...Creep...All I Wanna Do is Have Some Fun...Good Riddance...Loser...Semi-Charmed Life...Linger...Freak on a Leash...oh so many! And of course, Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit was #1. Which wasn't surprising at all, considering their music pretty much defined the 90s, especially the teenage years. Anyone, who doesn't love Nirvana sucks! Woot! I smell breakfast...

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All You Need is Love
Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yay!!! No school for two and a half weeks! Heck freakin' yeah!!! I can't wait until Christmas! Too bad I'm not gonna see any friends for a while, though. :( One of my friends grandparents died last night. I hate it when my friends cry-it makes me wanna cry :( Oh well...she'll be happy soon enough. Lord knows our school talent show probably didn't help her. I mean, it wasn't all bad. One of my guy friends played the guitar and then one of his friends(who I'm not that well acquainted with) played Fire by Hendrix. It was freakin' awesome! Yeah! But, more than enough sucked. I'm a senior, which means that I've seen maybe 7 or 8 school talent shows, so it was expected. Oh well. Guess what? My intern teacher actually got me a Christmas gift! I was actually surprised when she handed me a bag, and was like "Hey, this is for you!"(or something like that). She got me a Baby Phat makeup box and she gave me $20.00! Groovy! It's great to feel loved :) After all, the Beatles said "All you need is love!"

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Getting Away With Murder
Monday, December 17, 2007

Yep, Christmas vacation is about to start. I can't wait. No school for about three weeks-now that's a great Christmas present! I'm definitely gonna use my time wisely. Sure I get to sleep in, but I'm gonna really crunch down on scholarships and crap like that. I've already applied for one, but I'm smarter than that. There's no way in heck that one scholarship will get me anywhere. And that's if I even get it! IDK...all this college stuff is freakin' annoying.'s beyond freakin' annoying-it's perhaps enough to kill someone. The FAFSA, college applications, orientation,'s all a freakin' silent assassinating...thing...waiting to murder. I think it's slowly murdering me! It's just really, really, really, freakin' overwhelming. I mean, getting in was the easiest part ever! It's everything afterwards that's pure suckage! I need a Cappuccino. Maybe I'll go to Hollywood. That's a thought. The question is would I rather get murdered by porn-druggie-obsessed freaks(thank you Kyle Hamilton) or crazy insane college crap. That's a good question. :)

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Snow is the Devil !!!
Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yep, snow has officially fallen here where I'm at. I hate snow!!! And, this isn't even the pretty, pure white snow because it snowed and then rained, so now it's all soggy and gross. Disgusting...and I'm definitely a ballet flat girl, so that sucks as well because I obviously can't wear them in the snow. I hate tennis shoes. I want a pair of boots with fur on them. Yay for Eskimos!!! Anyway, the Twilight movie is now in pre-production. They already had casted Kristen Stewart as Bella. Well, the most anticipated casting was that of Edward. I mean who can play the perfect vampire? Gerard Way? no. Hayden Christensen? no. Anybody hott? NO!!! They casted Robert Pattinson!!! He's hideous...I don't like him. Now, when the movie comes out and I go to see it it won't be as enjoyable as it would have been if they picked SOMEONE THAT'S ACTUALLY HOTT!!! Losers! Anyway, I'm getting off of here. An America's Next Top Model marathon is calling my name...

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Thursday Thirteen #3
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thirteen Reasons to Read the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer:

1. werewolves vs. vampires What's cooler than that?
2. Edward Cullen is the most perfect guy ever!
3. We can all relate to the human, Isabella Swan.(girls that is)
4. Joining vampires is still more healthy than joining a gang.
5. They(books) can make you believe in the unbelievable.
6. It gives you hope that perhaps a guy could really love you, despite all of your mistakes.
7. They reveal more than just the stereotypical garlic-allergic, sunlight avoiding, sleeping-in-coffins vampires. The vampires in these books are wayyyy cooler than that!
8. You have to read them before the Twilight movie comes out!(I can't wait!)
9. You'll learn that, sometimes, being careless gets you exactly what you want.
10. You'll realize that having both a cold, dead, glittery guy and a warm, strong, half-human guy can have it's perks.
11. They're books even your mom will love. (I know my mom did!)
12. Well, they're better than any book you're forced to read in school, and...

Thursday Thirteen

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5:11 PM
Blah, Blah, Blah....
Monday, December 10, 2007

Guess what? The crazy people of this town haven't made me weird like them...yet. Right now, I kind of wish that they would, though. I could totally abduct my english teacher until he nicely decided to not make us read the most retarded book ever, Pride and Prejudice. I seriously HATE that book. I mean can you get any more boring? I actually have a reading assignment tonight...I think I'll wait. Perhaps I'll rely on cliff notes. Anyway, I think I wanna dye my hair. Red maybe. I get bored and I hate it! Arghhhh!!! Sooo, I'm getting my senior pics done in a couple weeks actually. I'm totally excited. There's this one pose that i am gonna do and it's of Twiggy and she's wearing this really adorable dress. Well, I was looking at it, and it turns out that I have the same exact dress, only it's polka dot! What are the odds of that? So yeah, can't wait for that. Speaking of Twiggy, I watched the marathon of this season's Top Model, leading up to the finale, on Saturday. This is the first season that I have ever watched and I love it! Go Tyra...and Twiggy! Wooot!!! If only I was taller...I would love to be on that show. The pictures that those models pose for are absolutely beautiful. I liked Heather(yay-we share names!). I hated Bianca. I totally want Chantel to win. Finale on Wednesday! Yayyyyy! And then after that Project Runway! Totally happy!!! :):):) Oh, and check out my playlist. Go directly to the bottom and you'll see that I changed it up and added some songs that I should have had on there all this time!

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5:07 PM
Totally Random...Oh! and I'm Back!
Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ok, so I haven't posted on here in a while. Let's just say that an astronomical phone bill can really screw up your love affair with a computer. :) Anyway, things have happened. I just read the most amazing book series ever (Twilight-now I have to wait for the 4th installment) hair straightener broke(Argghhhh!! my bangs hate me now)...I'm in a play next week and it's guaranteed that there's gonna be 500 some odd children there(including the newspaper)...a really annoying freaky, what-the-hell-did-his-parents-do-to-him kind of guy keeps on asking me out(I keep on saying no)...I hate the people in this town...I really wanna see Sweeney Todd...Beowulf is an awesome movie...I don't know Spanish...and i still haven't applied for any scholarships. Yep, sure more stuff has happened in the ultra exciting life of "De Schmidmeister"(courtesy of my English teacher), but I really do not feel like typing my hands off right now. Yikes-that would suck...anyway, I watched that Movies Rock thing on CBS last night. I'm kind of TO'd because where the hell were the Grease songs?! How the hell can you have a show that commemorates the greatest movie music ever without singing "You're The One That I Want" or Hopelessly Devoted"?! Freakin' losers. Much like the people in this town. I am seriously starting to believe that the people in my town are aliens. Ok, whenever I go somewhere, people stare. Ok, I know I'm not that hideous, so I really just wanna stab their freakin eyes out. Seriously, there are going to be a bunch of freakin eyeballs rolling around my town. IDK-it's like they know that I wasn't born here, or whatever, and they're just a bunch of freakin' pods waiting for the perfect time to attack me and make me weird like them. Freaks. It's not my fault that I've actually been out in the world. Yeah...while I was in California and South Carolina and elsewhere, they were having their little alien meetings here. I'm not kidding when I say that I'm scared. Yep...I cannnot wait for college. I wanna get away. But, WILL THE FREAKISH, INSANE, POD-LIKE, ALIEN PEOPLE OF THIS TOWN LET ME? Oh no, we'll have to find out on the next post. To be continued.
Oh and this is for Santa. You know them cute coats that are plaid and are kind of short and tie around the waist. Well, I think they're really cute. Love you :)

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