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Snow is the Devil !!!
Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yep, snow has officially fallen here where I'm at. I hate snow!!! And, this isn't even the pretty, pure white snow because it snowed and then rained, so now it's all soggy and gross. Disgusting...and I'm definitely a ballet flat girl, so that sucks as well because I obviously can't wear them in the snow. I hate tennis shoes. I want a pair of boots with fur on them. Yay for Eskimos!!! Anyway, the Twilight movie is now in pre-production. They already had casted Kristen Stewart as Bella. Well, the most anticipated casting was that of Edward. I mean who can play the perfect vampire? Gerard Way? no. Hayden Christensen? no. Anybody hott? NO!!! They casted Robert Pattinson!!! He's hideous...I don't like him. Now, when the movie comes out and I go to see it it won't be as enjoyable as it would have been if they picked SOMEONE THAT'S ACTUALLY HOTT!!! Losers! Anyway, I'm getting off of here. An America's Next Top Model marathon is calling my name...

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