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Friday, January 11, 2008

Went to school today...wasn't exactly a great day. People are stupid. I'm sick and tired of people laughing and carrying on like nothing has even happened. And to think...these people put on a good show of caring! What freakin' talented actors they are! Argghhh! Somebody needs to beat them with a hot French fry and beat their arses ninja style. Because I happen to be so happy that they're in such a damn GOOD mood.
NOT!!And by the way, one person told me that she was casted for Twilight online. Lord knows I'd love to be in that movie. Dear Edward...darn it-I cannot wait until Midnight Sun and Breaking Dawn come out. I have got to find something to read! My patience sure is running out...with

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4:03 PM
RIP Farrah...She Will Be Remembered :(
Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's unbelievable how sucky my senior year has been. And not just for me, but for everyone. One of my best friends died in a terrible car crash yesterday morning...when I found out I was just in complete shock. Not dearest Farrah! But, it was so and I cried my eyes out with others who loved her just as much. It's really hard...I easily skipped out on school today. There's no way in hell that I'm going around people that don't feel exactly the same way that I do about it, but yet still ask me what's wrong. My best friend died, dammit! And, hell maybe they have a reason for being so damn numb. Five other people have already died this school year alone. What a great senior year. Please tell me you sense the sarcasm. Actually, I really wanna freakin scream! She shouldn't have died. She was one of the sweetest, kindest, and soft spoken people that I and my friends ever knew. And she will be remembered, for sure. Man, I was so tired and worn out from all the crying I did yesterday. It was so sad when we found out. Britney, Kayla, and I held each other for the longest time, allowing our tears to soak through each others shirts. We were allowed to walk around outside, to get some air...then we went to the conference room...and then Hannah came. I love Hannah-she was perhaps closer to Farrah than any of us were. Perhaps the only highlight of yesterday, though, was when we all left school early and just chilled at Hannah's house. We saved the reminiscing for the park. Everyone who loved her...Hannah, Kimmy, James, Chris, Samantha, Michael, Britney, and me...were there. It was our own little ceremony, meant to let the spirit of Farrah know how much we love her...and also to lighten the mood. I'm not sure what happens after death. I do believe in Heaven and Hell...I just would like to know for sure that spirits watch over us. I want to know for sure that I have my own guardian angel and that I have paranormal protection and guidance. Whatever is true, I'm sure that all of us who were at the park believe that Farrah was watching over us. Farrah, we love you-you are a guardian angel to all of us :) Crap, I am going to cry again...

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9:22 AM
It Will Be Fantasmagorical !!
Thursday, January 3, 2008

Man, I just did not want to go to bed last night. I mean, I had to watch Project Runway...I went ahead and watched the series premiere of Biggest Losers Couples...I changed my room around...I didn't hit the sack until after I watched Tyra. She was talking to Vanessa Hudgens. 3:00 in the morning. And I wasn't even tired! It was one of those nights where I went to bed because I felt like I should, not because I was tired. And, the craziest thing-I can go to bed at 3:00 in the morning and I still wake up by 9:30 in the morning. I don't think I have ever successfully slept in. New goal! I want a day where I sleep until noon-at least noon. Don't think that's a new years resolution though! I'm not one to make those things. I mean, people make them thinkin that they're gonna change, but if anything, resolutions kind of stop you from doing just that. What I've realized is that if I don't make a HUGE deal about changing and if I just go with the flow, then i do successfully change. Lists and resolutions-they're the devil. El freakin diablo. And i do blame it all on the devil. As long as he knows what we want and how happy we want to be he automatically screws everything up. In other words, i think the real secret is to not tell anyone. Someone will find a way to screw everything up for you. Hell, sometimes I screw stuff up for myself. Anyway, have a happy new year. But, I hope it goes beyond that. Have a happy, safe, beautiful, fun, successful, memorable, crazy, delicious, sweet, amazing, and fantasmagorical 2008. Much better:)

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12:30 PM
It's Been a While...My 70th Post!!!
Wednesday, January 2, 2008's been five months since i started this blog and i love it! It's the cheese to my macaroni! I wanna see Juno. Anyone else? I think the craziest thing about it is that the main girl reminds me of someone I know. Dearest Farrah Penix. It's uncanny really. She graduated last year...I graduate at the end of this semester. Argghhh! Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin into the future...anyway, it's 2008! Woopty freakin doo. Seriously, it's just gonna be another sucky year, for everybody. Poor Britney Spears. I was excited, though because Chuck was talking to one of them big time news journalists after the ball dropped. I love Chuck! I cannot wait until next season. Even more exciting though was Christmas! Yay. I got a bunch of stuff. I got some cute furry boots, an MP3 player, a Audrey Hepburn wallet, new PJ's, a couple of shirts, some beauty stuff, and more. My favorite part, always, is the stocking stuffers. I got the Office pens! There's nothing better than doing homework and knowing that Dwight Shrute will be helping me. I got some adorable plaid socks. So much more. Then i did some shopping with my own moolah. I got a new jacket, wallet, clutch, earrings(clip-ons, my body's a temple:), some shirts, a skirt. All from Goodwill. I'm crazy!! Then, this weekend, i got my senior pictures taken! They look pretty good, actually. They turned out great. I did kind of have an idea of what i was gong to do, but when i started posing I just did whatever. It's just gonna be hard deciding which one to turn into the yearbook! Argghhh! I spent most of the weekend getting my pictures taken...the first day was hectic. We decided to run to Seymour-more shopping. IDK...I wanted a new pair of skinny jeans. Can you believe that JCPenny's was the only place that had them?! We went to Goody's, Fashion Bug, Gap...Penny's was the last place we went to. i did get an adorable shirt at Goody's though. It has little bows on it. Awww! Anyway, my grandma did get me my skinny jeans. Nothing better than the feel of new jeans... But yeah, I'm getting a HUGE mirror installed in my room. I think my grandpa's gonna do it, actually. I'm thinkin that it's gonna go from floor to ceiling. So cool!! But yeah, been busy. I've actually been watching the Top Model Modelthon on VH1. I seriously cannot get enough of that show. Yeah, i think I'm gonna watch TV now :)

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