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Friday, August 31, 2007

I start my intern Tuesday. FINALLY! It sucks though, because I have to get a retarded hepatitis shot and TB test done before I can actually go intern at the hospital. But, the stupid health department only does shots on Tuesday, THE FIRST DAY OF MY INTERN! Which means, that I have to get up early to go get my shots and then I still have to go to school...major suckage! Anyway, that's not the end of it. I'm a little nervous...OK, alot...about doing the intern. I guess I just think I'll mess up or something. Plus, I'm worried that I'm not a people person, which is exactly what a future nurse needs to be! I need to work on that...people just freak me out. Don't even get me started on beginning college pretty soon-I'M FREAKING OUT! I'm not mature, I'm lacking confidence, and...heck I don't know. Time goes by too fast. Argghhh! Kill me now! Anyway, enough of being homicidal. I guess I could put myself in someone elses shoes-like a nurses shoes and be in the moment while I'm over there(which is only 49 minutes 4 days a week). I could be myself...only nursey. I need HELP! No, what I need is confidence. Gosh! There is soooo much that I need. What to do, what to do...

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10:29 AM
Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm pretty excited! I found an amazing site showing me how I can create awesome pieces just out of a HUGE T-shirt. It's pretty cool, only I'm not gonna tell ya the link because I'm afraid that some uber retard is gonna "steal" the designs...I'd hate to go to school and see that someone's wearing what I found first. I hate that! Argghhhh! Anyway, I'm gonna have fun with scissors, I'm gonna have fun with scissors...

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5:58 PM

Do you ever feel like your alone, even when your in a room full of people? I did today...some people can be really mean, ya know? Anyway, on a much happier note, Dancing with the Stars is coming back! Yippeeee!!! I love that show. I've always wished that I could dance like the people on there. Little secret: sometimes, I imagine that I'm on that stage...yep, I have happy feet. :) But yeah, I'm alot happier right now that that shows back because we kind of don't have a satellite right now...we've been watching old-school flicks(LOVE!) and court shows. Somehow it's cool, though. But, I want satellite...wahhhhh! Right now, I'm missing The Soup, Bad Girls Club, Girls Next Door, Lifetime movies, anything on Food Network...the list goes on. Argghhhh! In a few weeks Project Runway starts- I cannot miss that! My mom loves that show too...I think we'll have satellite by then. I hope so, anyway! Did any of you hear about Owen Wilson trying to commit suicide? Insane and quite unexpected from a funny guy such as himself. But, I have heard that funny people(I should say comedians) usually are really depressed and that that's how they cope-making people laugh. I have to say I do that alot...when I'm nervous, depressed, so on...I'm at my funniest. Ha, Ha! It actually makes me feel most comfortable. Anyway, clowns are like that. Clowns freak me out...all that paint...Ahhh!!! Anyway, I can't wait until Friday. That's when I can finally take a break from the hell hole I call school. I'm just sick of people right now... I watched the Sound of Music last night. Maybe the music that's stuck in my head will block out everyone's voices. On Friday, the school will hear me singing "So long, farewell, Wiedersehen, good night...I hate to go and leave this pretty sight..." But, it's not so pretty.

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10:27 AM
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I started this school year out thinking that it was gonna be pure suckage, but you know what? I'm thinking that I was just nervous...or something. I'm now into my third week of my senior year, and I've hardly even had any homework. Yippeeee!!! I mean, I have had homework, but I finish pretty much all of it in school. Oh JOY! Anyway, I'm pretty not-so-lazy this year...or atleast not as lazy as I have been all of the other years. I just hope that I'm not jinxing anything here. Please God!-let this year be a breeze! Anyway, I'm reading a really interesting book right now. Goddess. No-it's not about me...although you are welcome to serve me. It's about Marilyn Monroe. Good read so far, despite the large print. I don't know what it is about large print books, but they make me feel like I'm a second grader! My mom says I'm crazy. She's right, I should just enjoy, ya know? But anyway, it's good-it goes right into detail about EVERYTHING! Yes-the sex, the infidelity, the fantasies, her supposed psychoses, and more sex. Insane! Honestly, and no offense to my dear friend Heather(she loves Norma Jean)but I can't believe that so many people look up to her! According to Goddess, which is an extremely well-researched book, she fabricated most of the stuff that happened to her-just to get attention! That includes molestation, sex at 8 years old, and having a baby that was only taken away! Even more insane! But, she is a compelling person. I honestly kind of feel sorry for her because she obviously felt that she had to make that stuff up for some reason. And, it's not her fault that men are soooo gullible! But why...i guess the book will answer those questions. But anyway, you've gotta hand it to her. Even if she was coniving and deceptive, she knew exactly how to get EVERYTHING she wanted. Hmmm....I wonder what I'll have to do to get my mom to make some of her delicious no-bake cookies? I'd clean the house twice for those things! I am seriously a real life cookie monster!

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4:57 PM

This cold is just getting worse! Maybe my heads about to explode...just free brains for the stupid one who gave me this cold in the first place! Who am I kidding? It's probably just my retarded allergies. Summer hates me...

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11:04 AM
Monday, August 27, 2007

I was on ABC Arcade checking out some funny pictures. Here are just a few! Enjoy!

*Angry Clouds*

If your having a bad day, just know that the clouds are on your side!

*Mini Bush*

I promise you that I am a Republican, but this is cool just because it's associated with Austin Powers!

*Ninja Kittens*

I still like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles better!

11:01 AM

Why do there have to be colds in the summer? Why do they suck way worse than winter colds? Arghhh! My nose is totally raw right now. I think it's gonna fall off. Anyway, it happened yesterday. For the past two weeks, my nose has been running practically off of my face, so, you know, I've been using alot of tissue paper. I've rubbed my nose so much that it actually bled yesterday. Which, to some, that may be nothing...but before yesterday I had like a 4 year no-nose bleeding streak. Really, it's nothing-I just can't believe I went that long without a nose bleed. Is that bad? I mean, when my younger brother was much younger, his nose used to bleed nearly everyday-and I swear, I never punched him, so it wasn't my fault. Crazy! Anyway, I better get over this retarded cold fast, because it's freakn' killing me here! Why is it that when I'm dying, no one is around? Anyway, I'm stuck in intern right now. Literally stuck-I have no where to go just because I'm interning at the hospital, or I'm supposed to anyway. Why does the hospital have to be SO slow? See, nearly everyone else(I'm stuck in here with two others-eh, they're boys, boys=cooties) is at their little intern places right now, while my stupid intern place doesn't have me placed yet. How hard is it to find a nurse to stick me with?! It's not like I had any restrictions as to who I could be placed with! Oh yeah, ummm...I wanna intern at the hospital, but I don't wanna be placed with anybody who helps people, wears scrubs, went to college, or even works there. I mean, come on! I am so impatient. I need help. I wonder if they have an Impatience Anonymous. I'd go if there was. This may sound crazy, but I've always wanted to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting-just so that I can say "Hi! My name is Heather and I am an alcoholic." I wouldn't even have to really be an alcoholic. It would just be cool to say that. Anyway, I freakin' forgot my lunch money. If they're having nachos or something, I'm gonna be so po'd! Maybe I could be a bully for a day and steal some money from a kid. Not cool. Bleeding hearts of the world unite! Dang it...I'm getting off of here.

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10:27 AM
Sunday, August 26, 2007

I was bored a while ago(I hate boredom), and sometimes when I get bored I get animated. And, this is what I own little mini-me! Cute, huh? Visit to create your own!

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5:59 PM

Did laundry today-not fun. It always reminds me of when Bill Clinton was in his last few days of office and there were clips of him watching his clothes wash through the little window on the washing machine. It's like...the end. But it isn't, besides I have tons of crap to do. Senior pictures for one. I've decided that I'm gonna let my mom take them for me. First of all, I'll feel more comfortable posing for someone who I know, not to mention gave birth to me. And, second of all, it'll be free! I love bargains. But yeah, anyway, it'll be easy as pie. All it'll take is our digital camera and some of that printer paper that's made of photograph material. And, our printer already has photograph, technological doo-dads built into it. Lucky! So yeah, I just don't want to go to a photography place where they'll airbrush the pictures so much that I'll look fake. I want the pictures to be, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this world is pretty much a false reality anyway. I guess I'll get off of here and face it.

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10:41 AM
Saturday, August 25, 2007

Too lazy to put on I'll just act glamorous!

My bubbie, Joshua Alexander. So cute!

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4:22 PM

I need to send in my IUS application. I really don't think there's a deadline for their application, but I just wanna get all this waiting crap all done and over with. Geez! But, then I have to wait for another long while just to see if I've been accepted or not, which I think I have a 100% chance. But, still! What would be way cool is if when I get my letter of acceptance it has the word 'ACCEPTED' in big capital letters stamped across it, kinda like in the movies or whatever. Yep-I'd frame it. Anyway, I can't wait to go to college, but here in a few minutes I might be totally against it. I think I'm bipolar! But yeah, I'm pretty excited :), as you can tell from the cute smiley face. One of my coolest and best friends ever is going there(her first day is in, like, two days!) and I'm really excited and happy for her. Go Hannah, aka Basgorn! Means loaf of bread in elvish...yeah, we're both Lord of the Rings fanatics. Anyway, another one of my friends is going to Northwestern-yeah, i didn't forget you Heather! I'm happy for her too...I hope she doesn't forget me :( We've fought before, but it's actually made our friendship stronger. I'm sad about graduating again! Crap...speaking of crap, i think i need to go-No! just kidding! We're reading Beowulf in my english class, and i guess Grendel crapped all over the place. Sweet read so far! Not to mention, it's evoked some GREAT conversations! Oh, the memories...anyway, I think I'm gonna cut up some shirts. I'm feeling not-so-lazy right now...I better not pass it up(it's very rare for me to want to do something that doesn't involve sitting at the computer or snacking). Much loves people.

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3:03 PM
Friday, August 24, 2007

I am totally pumped right now and I don't even know why. I'm pretty confident as well-hey, maybe my theatre arts class is doing me some good! Right now, we're learning how to overcome stage fright, which is something that is the bane of my existence right now, and has been since...forever! I mean, I can't even walk into a store or talk to two, or three, or four people without having a panic attack! But, yeah...anyway, I'm pretty frustrated. Why? Well, I'm still on a freakin' rollercoaster, going from extremely confident to unsure of myself in an instant. Arghhh!!! But, maybe it's for my own good so that I won't get a big head(like alot of people I know) and think I'm better than everyone else. I don't want to be a walking candy apple! Geez! But, yeah, one of my friends, who i have always envisioned as confident, found it hard to talk to the new foreign exchange student today, who is Italian btw. I talked to him easily, which I am not always able to do. Weird and wild stuff! Who knows...maybe I'm just sick and tired of ...being sick and tired. And, speaking of which, I'm so freakin' hungry right now that I feel sick. I could probably throw up right now-I'm thinking lunch food...wait, no I'm not. Anyway, I do need to gain weight. I try, but when I do gain any weight from food, it goes straight to my stomach, and I look prego! Frustration level: elevated. I just need to tone up...get some muscle...get hot! Three cheers for sweet revenge-make reference to my tiny body now, people! Anyway, I do look almost anorexic...oh, well! Maybe I could just be happy! :) And, I'll be just that when I finally eat lunch. :)

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10:23 AM
Let's Get Personal
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Name: Heather
Middle Name: Nicole
Last Name: something german
Nickname(s): Schmiddy, Roo, Schmid Dogg, Kate Moss
Age: 18
Gender: female
Date of Birth:4-08-89
Occupation: bum an occupation?
Hometown: no where special
Ethnicity: white
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100 pounds
Body Type: Audrey Hepburn-ish skinny
Marital Status: in a kickass relationship :)
Sexual Orientation: straight as an arrow--->
Religion: Christian

Colour: yellow, the color of sunshine and black
Animal: hyena
Food: anything that makes my taste buds dance!
Number: 7
Place: my house
Setting: at the computer
Style: Hannah calls it the Schmyle
Music: anything that makes my ears happy
Climate: Why is it so hot?! Help! I think I'm melting!
Scent: Love Spell
Flavour: lipgloss
Emotion: schizophrenic :)

This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla?:chocolate, but I dont discriminate :)
Pepsi or Coke?: coke
Beef or Veggies?: dunno...I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian
Day or Night?: night
Clear Skies or Thunderstorms?: both-I love rainbows!
Kittens or Puppies?: catdog
Black & White or Colour?: black and white-perfect harmony!
Fingers or Toes?: toes are gross!
Showers or Baths?: depends on my mood
Busses or Taxi Cabs?: twinkies!
War or Peace?: depends on my mood

Do you support...
gay marriage?: hell no
war?: yes
abortion?: hell no
legalized marijuana?: only for cancer patients :)
religion in classrooms?: yes
divorce?: yes
beauty magazines?: yes-my fave is Cosmo Girl

Answer Each Scenario Truthfully
*Your phone rings. Who's voice are you hoping to hear when you answer?: Jesus
*Someone unattractive gives you their telephone number and asks for a ring: I throw it away!
*You wake up one morning as the only human on Earth: I raid all the stores man!
*You turn your television on. What channel appears on screen?: whatever I was watching before I turned it off-duh!
*You're about to call to end a relationship when the phone rings. Dead pet.: I hope that the insensitive bastard becomes the sensitive sweety I thought he was in the first place!
*Your plane crashes on an island. Who do you want to be stranded with?: someone who kows the elements
*You want to learn a new skill to impress your date. What do you choose?: mad dancing skills!
*You see your distant friend crying on their front porch.: I cry with her :(
*Your house catches on fire. What do you grab first?: I grab my face and then scream! :0
*You can only talk to one person for the rest of your life. Who is it?: Jesus!

What's the first word that comes to mind when I say...
Greed?: money
Jealousy?: chicks, man!
Hate?: love
Love?: happiness
Anger?: management
Beauty?: models
Grace?: ballerinas
Fragile?: Christmas Story
Innocence?: babies!
Sinister?: the Devil
Malevolent?: cancer
Curiousity?: kitties!

Who was the last person you
called?: me best friend
hugged?: my mom
kissed?: my baby brother
messaged?: my blog community
drove with?: my mom
saw in person?: a friend
laughed with?: my mom
thought of?: who I'll end up marrying
wanted to be with?: my mom
touched?: my baby brother
were angry with?: myself

Finish the Sentence
I smile most...when I feel pretty
I love the taste of... cheesecake!
It makes me angry when... people underestimate me
I feel useful when... I help clean house
I feel silly when... I'm with my best friends
I want to... eat a doughnut!
I need to... dye my hair
I really don't like... my feet
I would die for... cheesecake...oh the irony!
I never want to... do drugs
I regret... alot of stuff
I'm thinking about...hey! That's what that voice is!

What do you like best about the opposite sex?
Hair Colour:dark
Eye Colour: doesn't matter to me :)
Height: kinda short, but I don't want a midget!
Weight: not to skinny, not to fat
Personality: sweet and funny
Style in Clothes: casual
Style in Music: whatever I listen to
Thick or Thin?: in between
Outgoing or Shy?: a little bit of both
High Maintenance or Easy to Please?: easy to please
Graceful or Clumsy?: clumsy-i don't want a fairy!
Singer or Dancer?: singer
Understanding or Sympathetic?:understanding
Bossy or Laid-Back?: a little bit of both
Party-go-Getter or Hopeless Romantic?: hopeless romantic
Wild and Crazy or Timid and Sincere? a little bit of both

Have you ever...
kissed a stranger?:no
swum with dolphins?: no
done a rock-climb?: yes
been somewhere exotic?: yes
wanted somebody you couldn't have?:yes
wanted somebody significantly older?: yes-Johnny Depp
wanted somebody significantly younger?: no
broken a promise?: yes
canceled an arranged date?:yes
walked on the beach?: yes
kissed in the rain?: no
found a sand dollar?: yes
wished on a star?: yes
wanted to die?: yes, unfortunately :(
missed somebody so bad it hurt?: yes
thought there were monsters under your bed?: I still do!
said "I love you" and meant it?: yes...I think!
wanted to say "I love you," but feared the possible results?:yes
had an inside joke that made you laugh at random times?: yes... ha ha!
doubted yourself?: yes
said something that made somebody cry?:yes
kept a secret?: yes
told a secret?: yes
donated to a charitable fund?: yes
punched a wall?: yes-I have anger issues
yelled at the opposite sex?: yes
cheated on a partner?: no
passed out?: almost
slept in a bed of the opposite sex?:yes
kissed the opposite sex?: yes
kissed the same sex?: no!
showered with anybody?: yes
thrown up?: yes
been arrested?:no
been chased by the cops?:yes!-on Grand Theft Auto!
toilet-papered a house?: no
ridden a horse?: no
ridden a camel?: no
fainted?: almost
cried hysterically?:yes-all of the time
seen a ghost?: yes-on Sci Fi!
wished you were somebody else?:yes

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11:07 AM
Blah Blah Blah!

I hate my hair, which is pretty much why I got my hair cut yesterday. About 8 inches! Wow, my hair was long, but it was pretty much dead anyway-I had alot of split ends. Speaking of yesterday, I totally skipped out on school...what a great day! :) Just a nice break! The only thing though, is that I can only miss 3 more days this semester, flunky! Now, that would suck. But, I'm going back to school today, and that's whether anybody wants me there or not. Sometimes I wonder what's being said about me when I'm not at school...if secretly everyone hates me or something. It's all a conspiracy I tell you! Anyway, uhhhhh....I really cannot wait until this day is over...bleeding hearts of the world unite! Thank you Jim Carrey.

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6:42 AM
Fu-get About It!
Monday, August 20, 2007

I am seriously at the point in my life where I don't really care about what people think anymore. I was putting on makeup this morning and it was really ticking me off-it gets old! I mean, I think I hate rituals and here I am putting on eyeshadow and all that crap EVERY SINGLE DAY just so that I can look presentable EVERY SINGLE DAY for those EVERY SINGLE DAY people!!! I think I'm lazy. I know I'm lazy. Hell, I don't know...I don't want to look ugly! But, i don't wear that much make-up anyway so I pretty much look the same, you know? Maybe I should just get some of that permanent make-up that them plastic surgery obsessed freaks love so dearly. But, then I'd be complaining about how it looked the same EVERY SINGLE DAY. No, maybe I should move to India and wear one of them sheets that those women wear. For the life of me, I can't remember what those sheets are called-I knew a couple years ago, but I've evidently slept since then. Arghhh! Anyway, I think i need more lip gloss...a little voice is saying "you hate rituals!"...shut up! BTW, I'm not schizo! :)

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6:39 AM
What to Do, What to Do...
Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am seriously having a mid-life crisis right now. I need a car-I can actually leave school early being a senior, but I can't because I have no transportation! Sure, my mom has a car, but she just has to make excuses right now. I told her that I could have a shortened schedule and she was like "Oh, I like that idea!" But, when I told her that I would need to be picked up, she was totally against it! What the heck?! Anyway, I'm luckily not the only one in this situation. My friend Kayla is in my study hall class and we were jokingly complaining about how at the beginning of the year there were 35 seniors in our class, but now there are only 3 because they all leave for home! But it's no freakin' joke! Arghhh!!! It's funny in a way, though...Kayla and me were actually thinking of getting one of them Little Tike cars, you know red with yellow top, and escaping from school that way...hmm, it's a thought and we'd be like the Flintstones. Cool, but not cool. If only life were easier! If only some lunatic, but awesome lunatic, would park his rad ride in my driveway and throw his keys at my feet and say "Here you go. Take it! Take it!" uhhhh...i guess i need to get ready for another great day at school(sense the sarcasm). Thank God for these morning computer rendevouze!

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5:48 AM
Why Can't I Always Get What I Want?!
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I am so po'd right now! I hate school! I know that school has only been in session now for two days, but it's just the idea that I'm almost out-I'm almost free, just one more year. The only thing is that I want it sooner...wahhh! I mean, midterm graduation would be a great way for me to get ready for college. But, I talked to the freakin' counselor yesterday and it turns out that the most common and acceptable reason for graduating earlier than everyone else is that you want to start college early. Forget that! Whether I graduate midterm or at the end of the school year, I definitely want a break after high school. Plus, I had no idea that I had to fill out some stupid application before a certain date, which it's way past that date now, and they have to have a retarded conference with my parents, which I'm actually not very worried about. My parents are all for it and the counselor did say that there was a possibility that I could graduate early. The only thing is that I'll have to go to alternative school once a week for my english 12 second semester. I'll be trapped with a bunch of dead heads! :0
But, will they even accept my reason? I mean, I do have a very pausible reason for doing so! First of all, I can't do two things at once. Right now, I can't find a job and I know that it would be hard for me to work during the school year because I want to focus only on school when I am in school. If I graduated early that would leave me 8 months to work and gain enough money for college-plus I wouldn't have to worry about upcoming finals or an english paper that's due. And second of all, I would really like to help my mom with my baby brother. My dad has been gone alot lately due to a new job and it will pretty much be that way for a while, so my mom needs all the help she can get!
Hell, who am I kidding? They won't listen to me obviously! I mean I'm 18 years old, so shouldn't I be able to make my own decisions? I'm just praying really, really hard right now that they will hear me out because I don't want to feel as if I've gotten all my hopes up.
Who knows? They'll probably disallow it just because they want my stupid lunch money.

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6:07 AM
My Poetry is Now My Trash
Friday, August 10, 2007

I threw away my poetry book yesterday. I just hated it-I don't know why. It was probably because I usually wrote in it when I was bored and/or depressed and I hated looking through that stupid book and seeing how I felt eons ago. I mean, yeah, I'm a teenager and I get moody sometimes, but I really don't miss it-I hadn't even written in it in a really looooooong while. But, i do have some poetry left from english class last year. I don't know if it was because of our new student teacher or because I was just plain getting better at writing poetry, but my best poetry ever came out of that class. I wrote about cool stuff, like hippies and crap like that. I mean it did me some good. Now I want to be an 11th grade english teacher-go figure. But yeah, to make a long story short, my poetry is now garbage and I wanna spend my life teaching moody teenagers who I hope won't hate me. Eat your heart out Miss Strong!

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8:25 AM
Some May Laugh at a Gilded Butterfly
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

School is starting pretty soon-5 days to be exact. Why do I feel nervous? It's not like I'm going to a new school! Heck i don't know..I do know that I have worked pretty hard this summer to change into a better person. Maybe that's why I feel like my stomach is doing flips! I still don't know what everybody will think of me, but why should I care!? It's not like I'm better than them or anything, but there are certain people who really do tick me off! It goes something like this. it was 9th grade. I was terribly unconfident and immature(now, I can be immmature minus the terrible!) and a few certain, supposed friends got the best of me. It seems like everything that I say is wrong-they just have to point out every mistake that I make. For example, I LOVE the movie Grease(i have some of the soundtrack on my playlist!) and one of my favorite songs on that movie is "There Are Worst Things I Could Do." Great song and I can actually relate, ya know? So anyway, a certain person and myself were singing it and I ACCIDENTALLY said late at night instead of every night-she gave me hell over it!!! And, you wanna know something? I knew that I made the mistake before she even freakin told me, I'm only human!!! I mean who made her God? Seriously, sometimes, they treated me so badly that I'd think that Lucifer raised his leg and out popped them!
But, I've changed! Phew! I have new friends who I love! I do feel ALOT better about myself. Point being, i don't need people like that anymore. Honestly, if I were still hanging out with them, I'd still be that gilded butterfly that only looked as if she had changed. I think that they were just pushing me to mold into whatever the hell they wanted way to soon. They weren't happy with me. :( But, now I can turn that frown upside down because they "laughed" at that gilded butterfly that I use to be, but now I've honestly changed. Now, who's laughing? Ha, Ha!!!!! And, I'm not what they wanted-I'm what I've wanted,myself. Me. Just a better me, if you know what I mean. Sure, there are still some "undiscovered" places within myself, but I'm getting there. Because through all of them stupid, dimunitive mistakes that they called me out on, there's one HUGE mistake that they made. They underestimated that tiny caterpillar that I used to be.

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7:43 AM
A Girl Who Thinks too Much
Monday, August 6, 2007

I do think a lot. It's usually about stupid crap, too! But hey! When you don't have a life, there's nothing better to do. Duh! So, if your bored crapless, just sit down against the wall and think until your head hurts to the point to where you think it's gonna pop right off! Hey, that could be a cool motto, or something catchy for a commercial. Could you imagine Tylenol, or something like Cranium, using that in one of their ads?! "And right before your head pops like a balloon, pop a few pills! Think. Tylenol." See? I'm totally blogging about some ridiculous, off the wall crap right now! Oh well, it's fun! :) Anyway, i hope you guys LOVE my new blog! I know I do! I wish there was a way to make a little heart with the keyboard, kinda like when i make those little smiley faces. Anyway, please comment and tell me what you think about my new blog! :)

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