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Monday, August 6, 2007

I do think a lot. It's usually about stupid crap, too! But hey! When you don't have a life, there's nothing better to do. Duh! So, if your bored crapless, just sit down against the wall and think until your head hurts to the point to where you think it's gonna pop right off! Hey, that could be a cool motto, or something catchy for a commercial. Could you imagine Tylenol, or something like Cranium, using that in one of their ads?! "And right before your head pops like a balloon, pop a few pills! Think. Tylenol." See? I'm totally blogging about some ridiculous, off the wall crap right now! Oh well, it's fun! :) Anyway, i hope you guys LOVE my new blog! I know I do! I wish there was a way to make a little heart with the keyboard, kinda like when i make those little smiley faces. Anyway, please comment and tell me what you think about my new blog! :)

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I love 80's movies, Audrey Hepburn, music(check out my playlist!), cutting up magazines, anything yellow, yada yada yada ...

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