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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I hate my hair, which is pretty much why I got my hair cut yesterday. About 8 inches! Wow, my hair was long, but it was pretty much dead anyway-I had alot of split ends. Speaking of yesterday, I totally skipped out on school...what a great day! :) Just a nice break! The only thing though, is that I can only miss 3 more days this semester, flunky! Now, that would suck. But, I'm going back to school today, and that's whether anybody wants me there or not. Sometimes I wonder what's being said about me when I'm not at school...if secretly everyone hates me or something. It's all a conspiracy I tell you! Anyway, uhhhhh....I really cannot wait until this day is over...bleeding hearts of the world unite! Thank you Jim Carrey.

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