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Let's Get Personal
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Name: Heather
Middle Name: Nicole
Last Name: something german
Nickname(s): Schmiddy, Roo, Schmid Dogg, Kate Moss
Age: 18
Gender: female
Date of Birth:4-08-89
Occupation: bum an occupation?
Hometown: no where special
Ethnicity: white
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100 pounds
Body Type: Audrey Hepburn-ish skinny
Marital Status: in a kickass relationship :)
Sexual Orientation: straight as an arrow--->
Religion: Christian

Colour: yellow, the color of sunshine and black
Animal: hyena
Food: anything that makes my taste buds dance!
Number: 7
Place: my house
Setting: at the computer
Style: Hannah calls it the Schmyle
Music: anything that makes my ears happy
Climate: Why is it so hot?! Help! I think I'm melting!
Scent: Love Spell
Flavour: lipgloss
Emotion: schizophrenic :)

This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla?:chocolate, but I dont discriminate :)
Pepsi or Coke?: coke
Beef or Veggies?: dunno...I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian
Day or Night?: night
Clear Skies or Thunderstorms?: both-I love rainbows!
Kittens or Puppies?: catdog
Black & White or Colour?: black and white-perfect harmony!
Fingers or Toes?: toes are gross!
Showers or Baths?: depends on my mood
Busses or Taxi Cabs?: twinkies!
War or Peace?: depends on my mood

Do you support...
gay marriage?: hell no
war?: yes
abortion?: hell no
legalized marijuana?: only for cancer patients :)
religion in classrooms?: yes
divorce?: yes
beauty magazines?: yes-my fave is Cosmo Girl

Answer Each Scenario Truthfully
*Your phone rings. Who's voice are you hoping to hear when you answer?: Jesus
*Someone unattractive gives you their telephone number and asks for a ring: I throw it away!
*You wake up one morning as the only human on Earth: I raid all the stores man!
*You turn your television on. What channel appears on screen?: whatever I was watching before I turned it off-duh!
*You're about to call to end a relationship when the phone rings. Dead pet.: I hope that the insensitive bastard becomes the sensitive sweety I thought he was in the first place!
*Your plane crashes on an island. Who do you want to be stranded with?: someone who kows the elements
*You want to learn a new skill to impress your date. What do you choose?: mad dancing skills!
*You see your distant friend crying on their front porch.: I cry with her :(
*Your house catches on fire. What do you grab first?: I grab my face and then scream! :0
*You can only talk to one person for the rest of your life. Who is it?: Jesus!

What's the first word that comes to mind when I say...
Greed?: money
Jealousy?: chicks, man!
Hate?: love
Love?: happiness
Anger?: management
Beauty?: models
Grace?: ballerinas
Fragile?: Christmas Story
Innocence?: babies!
Sinister?: the Devil
Malevolent?: cancer
Curiousity?: kitties!

Who was the last person you
called?: me best friend
hugged?: my mom
kissed?: my baby brother
messaged?: my blog community
drove with?: my mom
saw in person?: a friend
laughed with?: my mom
thought of?: who I'll end up marrying
wanted to be with?: my mom
touched?: my baby brother
were angry with?: myself

Finish the Sentence
I smile most...when I feel pretty
I love the taste of... cheesecake!
It makes me angry when... people underestimate me
I feel useful when... I help clean house
I feel silly when... I'm with my best friends
I want to... eat a doughnut!
I need to... dye my hair
I really don't like... my feet
I would die for... cheesecake...oh the irony!
I never want to... do drugs
I regret... alot of stuff
I'm thinking about...hey! That's what that voice is!

What do you like best about the opposite sex?
Hair Colour:dark
Eye Colour: doesn't matter to me :)
Height: kinda short, but I don't want a midget!
Weight: not to skinny, not to fat
Personality: sweet and funny
Style in Clothes: casual
Style in Music: whatever I listen to
Thick or Thin?: in between
Outgoing or Shy?: a little bit of both
High Maintenance or Easy to Please?: easy to please
Graceful or Clumsy?: clumsy-i don't want a fairy!
Singer or Dancer?: singer
Understanding or Sympathetic?:understanding
Bossy or Laid-Back?: a little bit of both
Party-go-Getter or Hopeless Romantic?: hopeless romantic
Wild and Crazy or Timid and Sincere? a little bit of both

Have you ever...
kissed a stranger?:no
swum with dolphins?: no
done a rock-climb?: yes
been somewhere exotic?: yes
wanted somebody you couldn't have?:yes
wanted somebody significantly older?: yes-Johnny Depp
wanted somebody significantly younger?: no
broken a promise?: yes
canceled an arranged date?:yes
walked on the beach?: yes
kissed in the rain?: no
found a sand dollar?: yes
wished on a star?: yes
wanted to die?: yes, unfortunately :(
missed somebody so bad it hurt?: yes
thought there were monsters under your bed?: I still do!
said "I love you" and meant it?: yes...I think!
wanted to say "I love you," but feared the possible results?:yes
had an inside joke that made you laugh at random times?: yes... ha ha!
doubted yourself?: yes
said something that made somebody cry?:yes
kept a secret?: yes
told a secret?: yes
donated to a charitable fund?: yes
punched a wall?: yes-I have anger issues
yelled at the opposite sex?: yes
cheated on a partner?: no
passed out?: almost
slept in a bed of the opposite sex?:yes
kissed the opposite sex?: yes
kissed the same sex?: no!
showered with anybody?: yes
thrown up?: yes
been arrested?:no
been chased by the cops?:yes!-on Grand Theft Auto!
toilet-papered a house?: no
ridden a horse?: no
ridden a camel?: no
fainted?: almost
cried hysterically?:yes-all of the time
seen a ghost?: yes-on Sci Fi!
wished you were somebody else?:yes

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