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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am seriously having a mid-life crisis right now. I need a car-I can actually leave school early being a senior, but I can't because I have no transportation! Sure, my mom has a car, but she just has to make excuses right now. I told her that I could have a shortened schedule and she was like "Oh, I like that idea!" But, when I told her that I would need to be picked up, she was totally against it! What the heck?! Anyway, I'm luckily not the only one in this situation. My friend Kayla is in my study hall class and we were jokingly complaining about how at the beginning of the year there were 35 seniors in our class, but now there are only 3 because they all leave for home! But it's no freakin' joke! Arghhh!!! It's funny in a way, though...Kayla and me were actually thinking of getting one of them Little Tike cars, you know red with yellow top, and escaping from school that way...hmm, it's a thought and we'd be like the Flintstones. Cool, but not cool. If only life were easier! If only some lunatic, but awesome lunatic, would park his rad ride in my driveway and throw his keys at my feet and say "Here you go. Take it! Take it!" uhhhh...i guess i need to get ready for another great day at school(sense the sarcasm). Thank God for these morning computer rendevouze!

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