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All You Need is Love
Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yay!!! No school for two and a half weeks! Heck freakin' yeah!!! I can't wait until Christmas! Too bad I'm not gonna see any friends for a while, though. :( One of my friends grandparents died last night. I hate it when my friends cry-it makes me wanna cry :( Oh well...she'll be happy soon enough. Lord knows our school talent show probably didn't help her. I mean, it wasn't all bad. One of my guy friends played the guitar and then one of his friends(who I'm not that well acquainted with) played Fire by Hendrix. It was freakin' awesome! Yeah! But, more than enough sucked. I'm a senior, which means that I've seen maybe 7 or 8 school talent shows, so it was expected. Oh well. Guess what? My intern teacher actually got me a Christmas gift! I was actually surprised when she handed me a bag, and was like "Hey, this is for you!"(or something like that). She got me a Baby Phat makeup box and she gave me $20.00! Groovy! It's great to feel loved :) After all, the Beatles said "All you need is love!"

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