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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ok, so I haven't posted on here in a while. Let's just say that an astronomical phone bill can really screw up your love affair with a computer. :) Anyway, things have happened. I just read the most amazing book series ever (Twilight-now I have to wait for the 4th installment) hair straightener broke(Argghhhh!! my bangs hate me now)...I'm in a play next week and it's guaranteed that there's gonna be 500 some odd children there(including the newspaper)...a really annoying freaky, what-the-hell-did-his-parents-do-to-him kind of guy keeps on asking me out(I keep on saying no)...I hate the people in this town...I really wanna see Sweeney Todd...Beowulf is an awesome movie...I don't know Spanish...and i still haven't applied for any scholarships. Yep, sure more stuff has happened in the ultra exciting life of "De Schmidmeister"(courtesy of my English teacher), but I really do not feel like typing my hands off right now. Yikes-that would suck...anyway, I watched that Movies Rock thing on CBS last night. I'm kind of TO'd because where the hell were the Grease songs?! How the hell can you have a show that commemorates the greatest movie music ever without singing "You're The One That I Want" or Hopelessly Devoted"?! Freakin' losers. Much like the people in this town. I am seriously starting to believe that the people in my town are aliens. Ok, whenever I go somewhere, people stare. Ok, I know I'm not that hideous, so I really just wanna stab their freakin eyes out. Seriously, there are going to be a bunch of freakin eyeballs rolling around my town. IDK-it's like they know that I wasn't born here, or whatever, and they're just a bunch of freakin' pods waiting for the perfect time to attack me and make me weird like them. Freaks. It's not my fault that I've actually been out in the world. Yeah...while I was in California and South Carolina and elsewhere, they were having their little alien meetings here. I'm not kidding when I say that I'm scared. Yep...I cannnot wait for college. I wanna get away. But, WILL THE FREAKISH, INSANE, POD-LIKE, ALIEN PEOPLE OF THIS TOWN LET ME? Oh no, we'll have to find out on the next post. To be continued.
Oh and this is for Santa. You know them cute coats that are plaid and are kind of short and tie around the waist. Well, I think they're really cute. Love you :)

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