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Monday, December 17, 2007

Yep, Christmas vacation is about to start. I can't wait. No school for about three weeks-now that's a great Christmas present! I'm definitely gonna use my time wisely. Sure I get to sleep in, but I'm gonna really crunch down on scholarships and crap like that. I've already applied for one, but I'm smarter than that. There's no way in heck that one scholarship will get me anywhere. And that's if I even get it! IDK...all this college stuff is freakin' annoying.'s beyond freakin' annoying-it's perhaps enough to kill someone. The FAFSA, college applications, orientation,'s all a freakin' silent assassinating...thing...waiting to murder. I think it's slowly murdering me! It's just really, really, really, freakin' overwhelming. I mean, getting in was the easiest part ever! It's everything afterwards that's pure suckage! I need a Cappuccino. Maybe I'll go to Hollywood. That's a thought. The question is would I rather get murdered by porn-druggie-obsessed freaks(thank you Kyle Hamilton) or crazy insane college crap. That's a good question. :)

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