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Monday, December 10, 2007

Guess what? The crazy people of this town haven't made me weird like them...yet. Right now, I kind of wish that they would, though. I could totally abduct my english teacher until he nicely decided to not make us read the most retarded book ever, Pride and Prejudice. I seriously HATE that book. I mean can you get any more boring? I actually have a reading assignment tonight...I think I'll wait. Perhaps I'll rely on cliff notes. Anyway, I think I wanna dye my hair. Red maybe. I get bored and I hate it! Arghhhh!!! Sooo, I'm getting my senior pics done in a couple weeks actually. I'm totally excited. There's this one pose that i am gonna do and it's of Twiggy and she's wearing this really adorable dress. Well, I was looking at it, and it turns out that I have the same exact dress, only it's polka dot! What are the odds of that? So yeah, can't wait for that. Speaking of Twiggy, I watched the marathon of this season's Top Model, leading up to the finale, on Saturday. This is the first season that I have ever watched and I love it! Go Tyra...and Twiggy! Wooot!!! If only I was taller...I would love to be on that show. The pictures that those models pose for are absolutely beautiful. I liked Heather(yay-we share names!). I hated Bianca. I totally want Chantel to win. Finale on Wednesday! Yayyyyy! And then after that Project Runway! Totally happy!!! :):):) Oh, and check out my playlist. Go directly to the bottom and you'll see that I changed it up and added some songs that I should have had on there all this time!

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