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Thursday Thirteen #3
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thirteen Reasons to Read the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer:

1. werewolves vs. vampires What's cooler than that?
2. Edward Cullen is the most perfect guy ever!
3. We can all relate to the human, Isabella Swan.(girls that is)
4. Joining vampires is still more healthy than joining a gang.
5. They(books) can make you believe in the unbelievable.
6. It gives you hope that perhaps a guy could really love you, despite all of your mistakes.
7. They reveal more than just the stereotypical garlic-allergic, sunlight avoiding, sleeping-in-coffins vampires. The vampires in these books are wayyyy cooler than that!
8. You have to read them before the Twilight movie comes out!(I can't wait!)
9. You'll learn that, sometimes, being careless gets you exactly what you want.
10. You'll realize that having both a cold, dead, glittery guy and a warm, strong, half-human guy can have it's perks.
11. They're books even your mom will love. (I know my mom did!)
12. Well, they're better than any book you're forced to read in school, and...

Thursday Thirteen

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