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Strawberries and Cream
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ok, so my theatre arts class is my favorite class, so I'm pretty excited about a play that we're going to be doing for the Christmas season. It's called "The Christmas Reunion", which means that it's just a big reunion...of Mother Goose and Christmasy characters. I guess the whole point of it is that all the characters are giving presents to Father Christmas, or whatever. I'm actually pretty excited, though because it is cute and..*drum roll*...I've been casted as Curly Locks! Didn't know too much about that nursery rhyme, but since I have curly hair, what the hey. But, I did google her and I guess the whole point of the rhyme is to show the beauty of curls. It's about some guy asking for her and she says no and that she just wants to eat strawberries and cream. Yep...I'd rather eat strawberries and cream too. But yeah, I'm happy-I have a cute vintage dress that's green; it would go great with my part. But hell, teach still wants all of us to pimp our lines up a bit, so it should be better. But anyway, I've been in one play before. It was a little hard, because I found myself giggling. But, the whole reason I took this class was to overcome my anxiety about people. I swear, I've had plenty of panic attacks just over talking to people, or being in places where there are alot of people. I remember one time, when I was going into the gas station and I literally freaked out! All I was getting was suckers! ARGHHH! But yeah, I promised myself that I would do my best in this class...I've done well. Sometimes, if I'm scared of getting up in front of people, I imagine that I'm a big time actress. It definitely helps! But yeah, I've done good...I got my report card today. Straight A's. I don't know why this started happening, but it really takes a load of stress off. That's for sure. I remember when I was a freshman(which seems eons ago)I got mostly B's and C's. I mean sure, screwing up that year has really lowered my GPA, but I'm happy that I'm doing better. I just didn't care. Now I do...mmm, my hair smells like strawberries and cream. Well, better get off of here before the teacher catches me.

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