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Ghosts and Vampires...oh yay!!!
Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sooo, boredom is definitely an issue for me right now! Arghhhh!!! Anyway, last night was cool. Only two of my most favorite shows were on, Ghost Whisperer and Moonlight. Amazing shows. *Love* But, seriously, both my mom and I are sitting right in front of the TV at 8:00 to watch Ghost Whisperer every Friday night, but I've been bugging her because she still hadn't watched Moonlight. I mean it's not really her fault. Once my baby brother falls asleep she has no choice but to go to bed with him or he'll wake right up just because she's not next to him. I know it's cute. But, she actually got to watch it last night. Boy, he was hyper yesterday! But, yeah, I'm sure that I just drove her crazy about watching it. But, anything that has to do with vampires and ghosts I'm pretty much obsessed with. I love them!!! Speaking of which, if any of you guys don't watch Ghost Hunters, I really do suggest that you start watching-especially next week, because they're going to be at the Waverly Hills Sanitarium in Louisville and it's going to be live. Sweetness! But yeah, Sci Fi 9:00 and it airs on Halloween. Yay!!! But, anyway in other television news...I love the office, but it returned to it's half hour long format this week. I have to tell you, I liked the hour long episodes. Oh well, I guess you can't always get what you want. Why is it so freakin' easy to quote that Stones song?! Anyway...I think I feel like watching The Producers. "Unhappy...unhappy..very unhappy
Very very very very very
Very very unhappy"
I absolutely love the soundtrack!

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