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Freakin News People Took the Office Away!!!
Friday, October 19, 2007

Sooo...I've filled out yet another application. For the library! Oh goody, I just love books. No sarcasm there-I really do. Anyway, I don't even know why I keep on filling out retarded applications when I know that I most likely won't get the damn job. I know I should be more optimistic, but I'm constantly getting my hopes up. Anyway, I'm really ticked off. I guess there's supposed to be a Christian rock concert put on by the band Kutless Sunday in a nearby town. The only thing is that our phone has been turned off due to an almost $1,ooo bill. Yep, I guess we talk alot on the phone. But, yeah, can't really get a hold of anybody so that I can see if anybody would wanna go. Bleeding hearts of the world unite!!! Oh well, honestly I don't even feel like going(I never feel like doing or going anywhere) , but I do feel like complaining. :) It'll most likely be really freakin' cold anyway, and knowing my lack of meat on my bones, I'll most likely freeze my butt off. But yeahhhh...there were some terrible storms last night in my area, and pretty much all over the nation. But, there were like 28 tornadoes just where I'm at. No joke! And, of course I had flashes of Twister and even Wizard of Oz in my head. Really, i don't even know how I got to sleep last night...I guess because the freakin lights went out! Which didn't really matter because I ended up missing one of my favorite shows. The Office. Haven't seen it? I suggest you watch-it's amazing! Love it. Anyway, couldn't watch it because the freakin' local news interrupted the whole freakin' program. I guess just so that they could get their 15 minutes of fame or whatever. Geez! I mean, you can only tell people so much that there's a freakin' tornado before they freakin' go insane. And people did! I guess a butt load of people were calling the news station and emailing them to shut the heck up and go back to the normal program so that we could watch our shows. Hilarious!!! No, I didn't call in-I sure did wnat to, though. Boy, would I have given them a piece of my mind. I declare bankruptcy!!! I didn't say it...I delared it. Anyway, they're showing repeats of The Office. Thank you Lord!!! Hmmm...I hear my mom eating chips. Yep, I'm done writing. Just like that.

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