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Dog Day Afternoon
Thursday, October 18, 2007

So...Ellen Degenerous is pretty freakin cool. She loves animals-which I already knew that because of that wacky American Express Card commercial that she did, but if you didn't catch her episode about Iggy the dog, or if for some odd reason you haven't heard about it, she cried her eyes out...about Iggy the dog. Actually pretty sad. I guess she got a dog from the pound, or whatever, and she didn't want it so she gave it to her hairdresser, but the pound took it back because it wasn't Ellen's dog anymore. Yeah, and she felt totally responsible because the dog was taken away from the hair person and her kids. Ellen hasn't had a great life-why don't they just leave her the hell alone and give the freakin dog back. Oh yeah that's right-they've already given it to another family. Losers!!! But yeah, I guess a good share of death threats have been made toward the dog place...seriously, if it weren't for famous peeps and their oh-so-dramatic lives, I'd totally lack a satisfying life. I mean, even when they're not making movies, they are still so entertaining. Oh well, back to the real world...

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