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Sunday, September 30, 2007

whats your name?Heather Nicole
what do people call you?Schmiddy, de shmidmeister, Roo, Skinny Roo
where you named after anything?Heather Lockleare
if you were born the oppisite sex what would your name be?according to my mom, Sebastian Bach
do people spell/say your name wrong?all the time dang it!
if you could change your name what would you change it to?I'm pretty happy with the name I have now-people like it!
birthday?April 8th, 1989
age you act?it varies
age you want to be?9999
eye color?grayish blue
happy with it?yes I am, thank you very much
natural hair color?really, really, really blonde!
happy with it? if not do you dye it?I've dyed my hair once. It was supposed to have been dark brown, but it looked black against my pale skin.
righty or lefty?righty tighty
love and stuff
single?and happy :)
who are you with, or who do you want to be with?I want to be with someone who's sweet and funny
are you in love?with my momma
have you ever been in love, if so how many times?twice-it was alot like love
do you believe in love at first sight?nope-you really have to know the person first. Love at first sight is actually lust in disguise.
is it possible to be faithful to one person for ever?yep
do you want to get married?nope-too much of an obligation
do you want to have kids?hmmm....I wanna adopt
how many?well, it would be cool to have a "brady bunch"!
do you believe in divorce?yep-if they aren't who you fell in love with at the beginning, get rid of them! Geez!
do you belive in true love?ehhh...yeahhh, but love hurts
do you consider love a mistake?refer to last question please!
turn-ons?humor, beautiful eyes, great taste in music, honesty, the list goes on
turns-offs?there are so many! The major one, though is when a guy tries to act all macho. i can't stand it when a guy tries to hard
do you think the oppisite sex finds you attractive?I guess so
what is best about the opposite sex?how gullible they are ;)
what is worst about the oppisite sex?they all seem so sexist and cocky
are you a virgin?yep
do you belive you should be in love to have sex?yep
how far have you gone?well, I haven't hit a homerun!
how many people have you had sex with?zero, zip, nada
do other people consider you a slut?I can't see why they would!
right at this moment...
where are you?in my own little world
what can you see out your window?the house across the street. Oh, and our grass needs mowed
are you listening to music?yep-"Gravity" by the Dresden Dolls
are you lonely or tired?neither
use 5 words to decribe how you are feeling:I am feeling quite happy! :)
are you talking to anyone online? if so who?nope
are you talking to anyone of the phone? if so who?nope
what are you wearing?PJs!
what are you doing?this survey!
whats on your mousepad?my mouse!
how many true friends do you have?maybe two or three
are you a loner?sometimes
who is your best friend?Jesus!
newest?Heather C.
who is the best listener?Hannah
do you prefer to hang out with one friend or a group of friends?depends
who do you wish you were closer to?Lynnette
who knows the most about you?Hannah
who knows the least about you?people whom I've only recently started hanging out with
who do you trust the most?Hannah
the least?
who do you fight with the most?Heather R.
who do you talk to online the most?Hannah
who do you talk to on the phone the most?I hardly ever use the phone!
do you trust others easily?kinda sorta but, hurt me once your fault hurt me twice my fault
name one who's arms you feel safe in:Jesus!
who house were you at last?Brad's
who's your second family?my friends
who lives the farthest away?Lynette and Kayla
do you....
smoke?nope-there are cooler ways to die
drink alcohol?does wine count? how 'bout root beer?
do drugs?nope
go to church?nope
sleep with stuffed animals?sometimes
take walks in the rain?yep
dance in the rain?yep
do any sports? if so which ones?nope-I'm 'bout the laziest person ever!
sleep around?around the house. Hey! i get bored!
lie a lot?nope...wait I just lied!
have you ever....
kissed a stranger?nope
slept with a stranger?nope
spun until you were so dizzy you couldn't walk?yep
screamed so much you lost your voice?yep
laughed so much it was painful?yep
cried so much it was painful?yep
gone skinny dipping?nope
played strip poker?nope
had a medical emergency?yep
ran away from home?nope
done something extremely unexpected?yep
slept outside?yep
been onstage?yep
deep stuff....
whats your biggest fear?snakes
what was your weirdest dream?I was a ghost floating down our stairs. i could actually feel that butterfly feeling like when your on a rollercoaster!
scariest dream?when i was little I had this dream all the time where there was this alien trying to get me. the crazy thing was that it grew with me!
do you have a reoccuring dream?refer to last two Q's and I always have these dreams where everything around me turns into snakes!
what was your best dream?obviously it wasn't that great because I can't remember it!
what IS your dream?to be a model and actress
do you live in the moment?sometimes
what you greatest strength?I'm optimistic
whats your greatest weakness?i worry alot
do you have a motto you live by?hmmm...i love mottos! I guess I'll choose "bleeding hearts of the world unite!" since I get frustrated alot! Thank you Jim Carrey!
if your life were a movie what would it be called?She Who Has No Life
do you have any bad habits?oh gosh, tons!
do you have any secrets?yep
are you fake?i wouldn't say that, but I am a combination of a bunch of people, if you know what I mean.
what do you want to do in life?to achieve happiness
are you a daredevil?nope
are you predictable?sometimes
do you keep a journal/diary?I keep a blog
if you could change one thing about you would you? what would it be?I'd become fearless
if you were someone else, would you be friends with yourself?yep
do you think your a good person?ehhh...not always!
do you think your emotionally strong?nope
do you regret anything?alot of things...
do you think life has been good so far?it's been ok
what do you like most about you body?my eyes and legs
least?my feet-they're really skinny
are you trust worthy?yep
are you gullible?i only act that way sometimes-turns out I'm not the gullible one!

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