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Ahhh!! Real Zombies!!!
Saturday, September 29, 2007 I'm turning in an application to a local video store. I'm just really hoping that I get the job! I mean, it's not like I don't need one-i'm pretty much sick and tired of being a bum. WHERE IS THE MERCY?! Anyway, it's gotta be totally rad working in a video store. I have visions of watching amazing new movies before anyone else even thinks of renting them...hands off! I'd be hounding all the movies in the back somewhere, while everyone is complaining and the place is losing business. Seems great...oh well, probably empty wishing. I might not even get the job. Anywho, I seen Resident Evil:Extinction the other night. Loved it. If you haven't seen it I don't want to give the movie away, but I've gotta warn you! Do not leave the theatre!!! It starts out exactly the same as the first one, but...lets just say that it changes into the amazing triquel that it really is. I just really do love zombies. Which makes me mad about something else. Senior shirts-one of my good friends designed an awesome senior t-shirt that had zombies and gravestones on it. It was trully something that I would wear, but it didn't get picked, just because it was too depressing or whatever. Cry babies. They're just mad because they didn't create it. Stupid losers had to pick the design with our mascot on it. How many shirts do we need with lions on them!!! How unoriginal. Ok, now I'm just not going to buy a senior shirt. Sucks ass!!! I want zombies-wah, wah, wah! Ok, I'm not actually crying, but I could be on the inside. :) It was really cool when my bro and I were younger, though. we would sometimes go outside and act like we were running away from zombies. Yep...good times. We'd get in our car and pretend that we were being pursued by flesh eating zombies, and we were having the time of our lives! Man, that sounds like fun right about now. Too bad I'm 18. But, noone else has to know that!!! Yeah man!!!

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