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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sooo...I finally visited my future college and I loved it! It's easy to get from building to building, it's really pretty, and there were MANY hott guys. There was this one and I'm sure I drove my one friend crazy because I would not stop talking about him. He was sooo beautiful...anyway, i think i should definitely start applying for scholarships. See, there's this honor day thingy at the end of my school year just for seniors. It's where we seniors(well, everybody, but we're really the only ones that matter!)have to sit through two hours worth of awards and scholarships and recognition. For the past three years I've HATED it, but since it's my year I'm kind of excited. But anyway, i want to get tons of scholarships and crap. I don't want to end my senior year and just be recognized for what diploma I'm gonna receive. I want to have a grand finale, ya know? Anyway, I have a list of scholarships somewhere. Man, i need freakin' motivation. Anyway, i called about a darn job yesterday at a day care and it turns out that the spot was filled. Arghhhh! Here i am actually wanting to work and I can't even get a freakin' job! Why...i think everyone's out to get me...losers who don't want to work apply for a job maybe because their parents have been yelling at them for the past couple of weeks and a job is practically just given to them!!! Life is too unfair. I'm single, jobless, and I have no car. Not that I don't enjoy being single...I'm free to flirt with whomever, but sometimes i do get lonely. I don't even think that that's enough to get me involved with somebody, though. I'm probably never gonna get married...too much of an obligation. I wanna be one of them power females who doesn't rely on any man. Kind of like Judge Judy. Wait...i think she's married, but she shouldn't be. She's awesome. Anyway, LIVE SINGLE OR DIE!!! Tourettes moment, people! But, no seriously, I think that if you get into a relationship, then you are just sitting yourself up for pain. Take a good friend of mine, for example. Her man's been cheating on her and they've been together off and on for two years. May not seem like a long time, but that's two years of high school. Yeah so, anyway, she's hurt pretty bad-she cried. Stupid bastard! I know that when I went out with a loser guy in the 9th grade he was cheating on me. Did he ever tell me that he had? No. Did i catch him kissing on another girl? No. It's just something you know, as a female I guess. Vibes, intuition, call it what you want. Heck, I'll call it the sixth sense. Only we don't see dead people-we see major insensitive a-holes. What a life...

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