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Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Friday!!! Yippeee! Best day of the freakin' week. So anyway, I came home and I noticed that there was a "worst and best dressed" People magazine laying, conveniently I must say, on my dining room table. So of course, I had to look at it(great relaxation period after a hectic school day). So, I was looking through...passed crap on Britney at the VMAs...checked out perhaps the ugliest dress that I have ever seen...and there it was! An envelope addressed to me and sent from IUS. Needless to say, I didn't really look through the rest of the magazine-I ripped that envelope open, baby! "Congratulations...yada, yada, is my pleasure to inform you of your acceptance to IUS." AMAZING!!!!! It's crazy though, because I wasn't as excited as I thought that I would be. I didn't jump up and down hysterically, or scream at the top of my lungs, and I didn't do a crazy dance. I think i just said..."Awesome..." Pretty much all I said. I should have done a crazy dance-WAIT! I just did it-kind of delayed, but I'm happy! :) Anyway, it was a great surprise. Kinda cool that my mom stuck it in a crazy tabloid. Full of lies and deceit and retarded rumors-maybe it's a conspiracy! Maybe I'm not even going to college and it's all just a really cruel experiment that the government is performing on me. Their hypothesis: Maybe I'll go to college? Correct!!! I just can't wait...but now there's SOOOO much else I've got to do! Because I'm kind of obbsessed with lists, here's all that I have to do:
1) get scholarships
2) take placement tests
3) get a network ID
4) attend orientation
5) register for classes
6) get a car
7) get a job
8) maybe get a college make over
9) graduate
10) and then actually start classes!
So much to do!!! It's good that I'm in, though. I'm happy!!! Yay me...and Jesus!!! :)

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