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Saturday, September 1, 2007

I need a freakin' job ASAP! I'm just sick and tired of being a freakin' bum, ya know? Maybe its my fault...I've only put like three applications in. I need to be more enthusiastic about this! I mean, shouldn't money be enough motivation? Yeah, I forgot who I'm talking about-*Queen of the Lazy*. Anyway, I'm sick of hos! I know it sounds random, but I'm reading that Marilyn Monroe book and she basically slept her way to the top. So basically, according to that book anyway, if anything needs to get done just sleep with a but load of people and hope you won't contract herpes. Then you'll get anything you want! And all because you have no is so unfair, though. Meaning: if your a nice person who doesn't do what everyone else wants just because you want to be you=people treat you like crap, but if your a loser poseur who pleases everyone and acts like something other than what you truly are=people love you! Am I in that place between the black and white called the Twilight Zone? GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE! Hello-the hos are obviously on attack. I don't care anymore. You know, about what people think or what people are wearing or ANYTHING!!! Its crazy, but the closer I get to graduating and the closer I get to getting out of this hell-hole of a town, I could care less about anybody...I wanna go to college already and get friends and meet people who are actually mature and fun. People who are well aware of what is going on in this world and actually CARE! People who don't use others and treat you like crap for no freakin' reason! College people! Just my luck, I'm probably just going from the fire into the frying pan...a big freakin' skillet is waiting for me...HELP! It's already good riddance to high school...

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