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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I got my shots today! Really-the exclamation point doesn't mean that it was exciting. Three shots! TB, Hepatitis, and tetanus. I hated the TB because I had blood oozing out of my arm for like half an hour...gross! And, I think my left arm may be in bad shape, at least worse than my right arm, because when I got the one shot it felt like it was going to freakin' explode! But, yeah-not a great day. I started my intern over at the hospital. It was boring and I had to watch a retarded video about personal care, or whatever, and had to answer questions about it. Tonight I have to read through a packet of papers about hospital stuff. Homework already-sheesh! Oh and get this...I can't wear my beloved flats over there. Instead I have to wear stupid tennis shoes, which I HATE tennis shoes. But, I am going to get an uber cool nametag! Exciting! But yeah...the power went out at school today. It was so cool! Actually, it was while I was doing my intern over at the hospital when the lights and everything went out. And, right when I was beginning to watch another retarded video. No such luck, though, because I have to finish watching it tomorrow. Argghhh! But, anyway,my intern mentor sent me back to school and guess what-the lights were off there too. Complete darkness-the toilets didn't even work(the type that flush on there own)! Everyone at school was getting ready to go home early, but then...let there be light. The damn lights came back on, so I pretty much got my hopes up. So life sucked today. Blood leaked from my limb, I didn't get to go home early, and my happy feet aren't gonna be so happy anymore! But, I'm still gonna have my nametag. :)

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