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Monday, September 10, 2007

I am sooo inspired right now...I'm reading a really great book by Teri Hatcher called Burnt Toast. Not only does it have an amazing title, but it is,well...kind of my love right now. It's kind of cool reading it, and realizing that she's alot like me-I can relate, and it's always nice to have someone that you can relate to. She's body conscious, she has a hard time with relationships, and she doesn't trust people very well. But, it's great...while she's going on and on about how terrible she feels about herself and how she feels guilty about treating herself well, she also elaborates on her transformation and inspires the reader to want to change. And, actually let's them know that they can, because change isn't ALWAYS ugly. And, what do you know! I've actually been trying to find SOME motivation to help me change into a better person, a better me. This may be it. Maybe-the Bible should be, but I haven't read it in a long time. Jesus must be really mad at me right now, but he knows that he's always my inspiration. I just can't get rid of that burning sensation that must be hell waiting for me! But, anyway, it takes a while sometimes to change, especially if you want to change for the better-and I HATE that! I want to stop cursing(which I surprisingly don't cus that much this year!), get fit, and actually get on a Bible reading schedule by tomorrow, dangit!!! Arggghhh! Bleeding hearts of the world unite! Anyway, wanting to be better can be torture, ya know?

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