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Sunday, September 9, 2007's seven o'clock in the morning, and I could hardly even keep my eyes open last night. My mom and I were watching a Paul Newman flick and I practically fell over! Anyway...I don't really know what to write about this morning, but because I want to get in the habit of writing on this EVERY SINGLE DAY, I'm going to write about something. Senior pictures, since that's what I'm really pumped up about right now. Yep, I've been planning them since early last year. See, what I've been doing is actually quite ingenious. So that I won't look like an uber retard who doesn't know what she's doing, I've been looking through every magazine possible and tearing out poses that I like and pasting them in what I call my "look book." So HOPEFULLY, my pictures shouldn't look like anyone else's, which is what I'm definitely aiming for. I suppose that everyone's going to be posing next to their cars, or sitting chin on hand, or just sitting...and smiling. :) See, I'm not doing any of that! I mean, pretty much ever since I've been in school my school pictures have sucked, but now since it's my senior year, and I can pretty much do them however I want to I'm going all out with them. In other words,they better look AMAZING!!! I think that my grandma's going to do my pictures now... they'll look great. She can apparently do amazing things with pictures on her computer...but, I don't want them to be "fixed" too much. That's exactly why I'm not going somewhere where they airbrush your pictures. I've seen those pictures before and they look as if they're glowing! They're that fake looking! I want my senior pictures to showcase who I am, and I'm by no means perfect. But, i guess everyone else can try, you know? Anyway, I'm wanting to give off a vintage, glamorous, Hollywood vibe with my senior pictures. I'm even gonna do a couple of poses like Audrey Hepburn! That I'm excited about-my grandma's on the look out for some long, black gloves. Man, I just hate the wait! I AM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION!!!

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