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Monday, August 27, 2007

Why do there have to be colds in the summer? Why do they suck way worse than winter colds? Arghhh! My nose is totally raw right now. I think it's gonna fall off. Anyway, it happened yesterday. For the past two weeks, my nose has been running practically off of my face, so, you know, I've been using alot of tissue paper. I've rubbed my nose so much that it actually bled yesterday. Which, to some, that may be nothing...but before yesterday I had like a 4 year no-nose bleeding streak. Really, it's nothing-I just can't believe I went that long without a nose bleed. Is that bad? I mean, when my younger brother was much younger, his nose used to bleed nearly everyday-and I swear, I never punched him, so it wasn't my fault. Crazy! Anyway, I better get over this retarded cold fast, because it's freakn' killing me here! Why is it that when I'm dying, no one is around? Anyway, I'm stuck in intern right now. Literally stuck-I have no where to go just because I'm interning at the hospital, or I'm supposed to anyway. Why does the hospital have to be SO slow? See, nearly everyone else(I'm stuck in here with two others-eh, they're boys, boys=cooties) is at their little intern places right now, while my stupid intern place doesn't have me placed yet. How hard is it to find a nurse to stick me with?! It's not like I had any restrictions as to who I could be placed with! Oh yeah, ummm...I wanna intern at the hospital, but I don't wanna be placed with anybody who helps people, wears scrubs, went to college, or even works there. I mean, come on! I am so impatient. I need help. I wonder if they have an Impatience Anonymous. I'd go if there was. This may sound crazy, but I've always wanted to go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting-just so that I can say "Hi! My name is Heather and I am an alcoholic." I wouldn't even have to really be an alcoholic. It would just be cool to say that. Anyway, I freakin' forgot my lunch money. If they're having nachos or something, I'm gonna be so po'd! Maybe I could be a bully for a day and steal some money from a kid. Not cool. Bleeding hearts of the world unite! Dang it...I'm getting off of here.

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