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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I need to send in my IUS application. I really don't think there's a deadline for their application, but I just wanna get all this waiting crap all done and over with. Geez! But, then I have to wait for another long while just to see if I've been accepted or not, which I think I have a 100% chance. But, still! What would be way cool is if when I get my letter of acceptance it has the word 'ACCEPTED' in big capital letters stamped across it, kinda like in the movies or whatever. Yep-I'd frame it. Anyway, I can't wait to go to college, but here in a few minutes I might be totally against it. I think I'm bipolar! But yeah, I'm pretty excited :), as you can tell from the cute smiley face. One of my coolest and best friends ever is going there(her first day is in, like, two days!) and I'm really excited and happy for her. Go Hannah, aka Basgorn! Means loaf of bread in elvish...yeah, we're both Lord of the Rings fanatics. Anyway, another one of my friends is going to Northwestern-yeah, i didn't forget you Heather! I'm happy for her too...I hope she doesn't forget me :( We've fought before, but it's actually made our friendship stronger. I'm sad about graduating again! Crap...speaking of crap, i think i need to go-No! just kidding! We're reading Beowulf in my english class, and i guess Grendel crapped all over the place. Sweet read so far! Not to mention, it's evoked some GREAT conversations! Oh, the memories...anyway, I think I'm gonna cut up some shirts. I'm feeling not-so-lazy right now...I better not pass it up(it's very rare for me to want to do something that doesn't involve sitting at the computer or snacking). Much loves people.

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