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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do you ever feel like your alone, even when your in a room full of people? I did today...some people can be really mean, ya know? Anyway, on a much happier note, Dancing with the Stars is coming back! Yippeeee!!! I love that show. I've always wished that I could dance like the people on there. Little secret: sometimes, I imagine that I'm on that stage...yep, I have happy feet. :) But yeah, I'm alot happier right now that that shows back because we kind of don't have a satellite right now...we've been watching old-school flicks(LOVE!) and court shows. Somehow it's cool, though. But, I want satellite...wahhhhh! Right now, I'm missing The Soup, Bad Girls Club, Girls Next Door, Lifetime movies, anything on Food Network...the list goes on. Argghhhh! In a few weeks Project Runway starts- I cannot miss that! My mom loves that show too...I think we'll have satellite by then. I hope so, anyway! Did any of you hear about Owen Wilson trying to commit suicide? Insane and quite unexpected from a funny guy such as himself. But, I have heard that funny people(I should say comedians) usually are really depressed and that that's how they cope-making people laugh. I have to say I do that alot...when I'm nervous, depressed, so on...I'm at my funniest. Ha, Ha! It actually makes me feel most comfortable. Anyway, clowns are like that. Clowns freak me out...all that paint...Ahhh!!! Anyway, I can't wait until Friday. That's when I can finally take a break from the hell hole I call school. I'm just sick of people right now... I watched the Sound of Music last night. Maybe the music that's stuck in my head will block out everyone's voices. On Friday, the school will hear me singing "So long, farewell, Wiedersehen, good night...I hate to go and leave this pretty sight..." But, it's not so pretty.

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