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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Did laundry today-not fun. It always reminds me of when Bill Clinton was in his last few days of office and there were clips of him watching his clothes wash through the little window on the washing machine. It's like...the end. But it isn't, besides I have tons of crap to do. Senior pictures for one. I've decided that I'm gonna let my mom take them for me. First of all, I'll feel more comfortable posing for someone who I know, not to mention gave birth to me. And, second of all, it'll be free! I love bargains. But yeah, anyway, it'll be easy as pie. All it'll take is our digital camera and some of that printer paper that's made of photograph material. And, our printer already has photograph, technological doo-dads built into it. Lucky! So yeah, I just don't want to go to a photography place where they'll airbrush the pictures so much that I'll look fake. I want the pictures to be, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this world is pretty much a false reality anyway. I guess I'll get off of here and face it.

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